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What Is A Representative Payee

BalancedCare is a Representative Payee licensed by the Social Security Administration. Our organization receives SSI and SSD benefits on behalf of our client's. As a Rep Payee we help our clients budget their money and disburse their funds to ensure their current needs are always paid, including housing and utilities, food, medical expenses, personal care and clothing. In compliance with the Social Security Administration, our agency keeps record of how the client's money is spent and reports this information back to the Social Security Administration.

Our Rep Payee Services, Done A Better Way! 

Only BalancedCare combines in-depth financial services expertise, innovative service delivery infrastructure, and a commitment to a personalized approach, creating affordable financial solutions that improve the lives of seniors, caregivers, and people with disabilities.

BalancedCare Offers:

  • Debit cards - for personal needs allowance- no checks
  • Automated Processes: funds transferred to Debit Card, bills paid daily, bills directed to us, ACH funds transfer
  • A Case Worker Portal - To view clients' account activity.
  • Low Fees - No minimum 

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A Trusted Non-Profit Agency

BalancedCare offers your family members and clients a superior level of service. We have the confidence and trust of the Social Security Administration because of our disciplined and responsible handling of clients' funds. Case Works love our Client Portal that gives them easy access to their client's account activity. This transparency and client satisfaction has had many agencies referring their clients to BalancedCare

We Are Here To Help You

If you are not sure you qualify, just need more information or you want to get started, simply hit the button below and we will contact you. On the call we will happily explain the program, help you determine if you qualify, and guide you through the steps to take advantage of this great program. We help people all the time get through the process. We look forward to helping you.

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The Added Advantages to BalancedCare's Representative Payee Services!

Trusted Non-Profit
Designated VA Fiduciary & Social Security benefit administrator.
Exceptional Support
Our staff offers knowledgeable, compassionate customer service.
Simple to get started
Our staff will help you through the entire application process.
Low Maintenance Fees
As a non-profit agency, we maintain some of the lowest industry fees.
No Minimum Balance
You do not need to carry excess money to keep an active account.
24/7 Client Portal Access
View your account activity anytime, to review payments, deposits, etc.
Automatic Bill Paying
All applicable bills will be setup to be paid automatically, on time.
Automated Deposits
We setup direct deposits to your account, from your account.
Pooled Trust Completion
BalancedCare will submit your pooled trust packet to Medicaid

Our Clients

       Our #1 source of referrals.


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the information you have provided to me regarding a pooled trust. Your professional demeanor along with your compassion is what makes you stand out among the "professionals".


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Many clients find that the combination of both these services ensures their loved one's affairs are more completely covered, giving them total peace of mind.

Certainly. In fact, many attorneys have found our favorable fee, our disciplined financial backend systems, our stellar reputation with the Veterans and Social Security Administrations, as well as our personal professional expertise and support along with our client portal to view account activity, real advantages when setting up their clients accounts with BalancedCare.

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