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What Is A BalancedCare Pooled Trust

A BalancedCare Pooled Trust is a Supplemental Needs Trust operated by a non-profit organization for the benefit of a person with disabilities to help them preserve their monthly income for living expenses and still qualify for Medicaid, SSI, and other Public Benefits. BalancedCare is a trusted, non-profit organization, offering you and your loved one's peace of mind, and a better solution!

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To demonstrate the monthly income you could preserve using a BalancedCare Pooled Trust, we created a simple calculator that will help illustrate it. Try the calculator, you'll immediately see the savings, and when you do, give us a call. We can give you more details on the program and we will help you get started saving your money today!

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When applying for Community Medicaid with a spenddown amount, let Medicaid know you will be enrolling in a pooled income trust. Medicaid will need to certify your disability by using your SSDI determination or sending a referral to the State for a disability determination. Once approved you can start funding your trust with your excess monthly income also known as your spenddown amount which Medicaid will determine.

We Are Here To Help You

If you are not sure you qualify, just need more information or you want to get started, simply hit the button below and we will contact you. On the call we will happily explain the program, help you determine if you qualify, and guide you through the steps to take advantage of this great program. We help people all the time get through the process. We look forward to helping you.

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The Added Advantages to a BalancedCare Pooled Trust!

Trusted Non-Profit
Designated VA Fiduciary & Social Security benefit administrator.
Exceptional Support
Our staff offers knowledgeable, compassionate customer service.
Simple to get started
Our staff will help you through the entire application process.
Low Maintenance Fees
As a non-profit agency, we maintain some of the lowest industry fees.
No Minimum Balance
You do not need to carry excess money to keep an active account.
24/7 Client Portal Access
View your account activity anytime, to review payments, deposits, etc.
Automatic Bill Paying
All applicable bills will be setup to be paid automatically, on time.
Automated Deposits
We setup direct deposits to your account, from your account.
Pooled Trust Completion
BalancedCare will submit your pooled trust packet to Medicaid

Our Clients

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You have been nothing short of amazing! Without your kind assistance, we would still be in limbo with my mother's Medicaid application.  I will be happy to share our experience with you, to any facilities that may be in need of your services!


Frequently Asked Questions

Often those looking to qualify for Medicaid or other public benefits have monthly  income just above the Medicaid limit. Individuals or couples looking to quality for Medicaid are required to “spend down” their monthly income that is above this limit on health care expenses before being able to access Medicaid benefits.

A spend down to meet the Medicaid limit is often difficult if not impossible for people even if they are well above the Medicaid income limit due to other living expenses including housing, groceries, clothing, and costs for other basic needs. And, paying for medical care without insurance is often much to cost prohibitive. Therefore, many cannot afford the spend down or additional out of pocket medical expenses and that is where a pooled trust can help!

A pooled trust manages the excess monthly income and expenses of an individual to help them quality for Medicaid or other public benefits. Each individual member of a pooled trust has their own account that is used to pay for their sole benefits of regular monthly living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities bills, credit card bills as long as they are paid to a third party.

A pooled trust allows individuals to put their excess monthly income in a trust managed by a non-profit organization like BalancedCare that can be used for living expenses and non-covered medical expenses reducing their overall income, allowing them to be eligible for Medicaid.

The current allowable Medicaid income limit is $934.00 for an individual. This is subject to change yearly. Use our calculator to determine how much money you could preserve in a pooled trust.

Pooled trusts are administered by not-for-profit organizations like BalancedCare.

Individuals enrolled in a pooled trust through an organization like BalancedCare will identify eligible living expenses to pay through the trust. We will then work with you to set up monthly automatic payments for these living expenses by the pooled trust. Your monthly income will be reduced by the amount put into the pooled trust which is being used to pay your set monthly expenses, thereby making it easier to be eligible for Medicaid or other public assistance programs.

To be eligible for a pooled trust, an individual must be determined to be disabled and a Medicaid recipient or looking to become a Medicaid recipient by using a pooled trust to reduce their income. To use a BalancedCare pooled trust you must be a resident of New York State.

Yes! Fees from non-profit administrators of pooled trusts can vary. If you’re a resident of New York State, contact us to find out more about our pooled trust program.

The money that is put into a pooled trust can be used to pay for living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities bills, credit card bills. You will need to complete a disbursement request form and submit an invoice for payment to the trust. Payments are made directly from the trust to the landlord or third-party.

Absolutely! Many clients find that the combination of both these services ensures their loved one's affairs are more completely covered, giving them total peace of mind.

Certainly. In fact, many attorneys have found our favorable fee, our disciplined financial backend systems, our stellar reputation with the Veterans and Social Security Administrations, as well as our personal professional expertise and support along with our client portal to view account activity, real advantages when setting up their clients accounts with BalancedCare.

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