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Calculate My Savings

We created a simple two-step calculator for you to find out the amount of income you can preserve using a pooled trust. Simply enter your estimated income and expenses so you can see how much income you can save monthly. Our calculator uses the new updated spend down limits. 

Step 1


Step 2

These calculations are estimates, using the allowable Medicaid income limit of $1,677 which is subject to change yearly. Please call and speak to a BalancedCare representative to learn more about the program, answer any of your questions or help you get started.

Your estimated excess income (spenddown) is:

Spenddown can be used for
qualified expenses including:
Gas and Electric
Car Payment
Cell Phone
And Moreā€¦
I'm ready to get started!
If you showed excess income above, would you rather let the County keep it or use it for your expenses through a Community Pooled Trust?